Open space

Soon, Linden Research, Inc. will be selling open space (also called “void”) sims at prim parity with regular sims; i.e., for 1/4 of the cost (initial and monthly), you can have a sim with all the space and 1/4 of the prims of a regular sim. The one catch is that open space sims can only be bought by those who already own a regular sim.

I encourage anyone who likes the look and mellow nature of Wyre who is interested in renting such a sim to contact me. I would be happy to consider purchasing and renting out new adjoining sims.

The sky is falling (again)

Two very nice responses to recent articles in [our favorite virtual world]’s most notorious rag on gasp! content theft and open-sourcing code.

First, Miss Ordinal Malaprop’s straightforward analysis of new “copybot” scares:

There is nothing at all new about any of this.

Be sure to read the comments to see Second Life’s notorious antagonist in action.

And today we have Mr Barney Boomslang’s ranting sarcasm on the dangers of open source:

Oh my, the doom is near, everyone off to the bomb shelters, man the lifeboats, the sky is falling!

(No comments to entertain the masses on Mr Boomslang’s blog.)

Lag: myths and solutions

Gwyneth Llewelyn has posted Lag Myths Dispelled

While it’s undeniable that all highly attended events are laggy — it’s a limitation of the technology — I was surprised to see that almost all “rules” are based on very old limitations of the SL technology, which plagued us in 2003-2005, but that have since then be “fixed” by Linden [Research, Inc.], as both the client and the server software have dramatically improved.

Improved, yes, but the lag is still with us. And, in a desperate attempt to fight down lag, people are coming up with ancient “recipes” for fixing lag — unaware that they’re not really helping out, but just repeating old myths, that simply don’t reflect the state-of-the art of LL’s technology these days. Lag will remain with us for many more years, but not for the same reasons we had it in 2003-2005.

Gwyneth not only dispells three myths, she makes some suggestions about what you can do to reduce lag.

Meme in the making?

Dandellion at Living in the Metaverse has a great idea: » Let’s Make The Grid Performing A Bit Better, Please

Shall we? Stop whining about things are not smooth as we wish. We all know they are not. Let’s do something about that. Consider that an ecology action. If each of us spend ten minutes and delete all the trash that clutters our inventories…

The basic idea is that cleaning up our inventories will help ease the load on asset servers and improve our client performance. She suggests starting with

  • freebies
  • old landmarks
  • notecards
  • “floating text” scripts
  • earlier versions of your own builds
  • lost and found items
  • demos

She is encouraging people to comment on her post with the number of items they’ve deleted.

New World Notes: Ophelia’s Gaze: Iris’ Top 10 Hottest Male SL Avatars for ’07

There was a recent, small kerfuffle in the [our favorite virtual world] fashionista ranks when someone “proclaimed a dearth of beautiful men of [our favorite virtual world].” And so we have New World Notes: Ophelia’s Gaze: Iris’ Top 10 Hottest Male SL Avatars for ’07.

What I like most may be what someone else likes least in a male avatar, that’s a given.

You said it, doll. What we have on Iris Ophelia’s list are boys, not men.

Another JIRA plea

Mr Oldsarge Dowd today raised this long-broken aspect of groups in [our favorite virtual world]: You should be able (permissions permitting, groan) to create a proposal for a group vote, setting the quorum, period the vote is open, and method of voting (simple majority, 2/3, etc). And indeed, you can create such a proposal, and group members can vote on it—but when the voting closes, the proposal totally disappear. Vote for it here: [#VWR-1146] Closed Group Proposals NOT SHOWING in Group Voting History – Second Life Issues (BETA)